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  • The Grand Sport canopy is a rise above design that uses vertical uprights to support the rafters making it possible to project a greater distance from the side of the trailer, creating a large covered work area or merchandising space.

  • Full-length fabric sidewalls or half clear vinyl windows with Bally curtains can be used to enclose the perimeter of the canopy for privacy and weather protection.

  • The frame extends above the trailerís roof to promote water drainage while providing adequate clearance below.

  • Common projections are 15-feet from the side of trailer and projections up to 20- feet are possible.


  • Clear anodized aluminum frame components

  • Quick release spinnaker fittings on rafters for attachment to trailer

  • Heavy-duty storage bags for frame, fabric cover and sidewalls

  • Installation zipper flap for ease of installation

  • Rain drains sewn into top cover

  • Fire retardant fabric

  • Water resistant fabric


  • Canopy bracket connection in lieu of spinnaker fittings (lower cost)

  • Rafters wired for electricity, air hoses, etc.

  • Full-length fabric sidewalls for night time security

  • Bally curtains for crowd control and advertising with storage bag

  • Clear vinyl half-length sidewalls or zippered windows with storage bag

  • Mesh fabric end panels

  • Air vents in end panels

  • Custom graphics

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